McFarlands Publishing


McFarlands Publishing is a charitable enterprise owned by Rod Davis.

Conventional publishing is expensive - even if you can get a publisher interested in the great work on which you have laboured so long and passionately in the first place! 

Self publishing is fraught with difficulties and needs a steep learning curve unless you go to Amazon or other such source, but then you are tied into locked solutions.

McFarlands Publishing is an alternative where you can get personal design and typography from an established designer, plus comprehensive services for printing with the latest print-on-demand technology, global distribution and listing in book shops and all on-line outlets, such as Amazon, Barnes and Noble, Abe books, The Book Depository etc, and a completely managed publishing solution.

On-demand printing comes with direct shipping to your customer, so there is no need to sign up to an order for a specific number of books, eliminating inventory and warehousing costs.


Design and production

For texts of 200 - 500 pages, normally formatted in one of the proprietary word processing programs.

Cover design, artwork and template: €350 plus any photographic or illustration fees.

Typography, text content and proofing: €450.

ISBN cost: €30.

Any other costs involved will be discussed in advance.

It is advisable for you to arrange for an independent proof reader who may also incur a charge.



Typical proofing and set-up costs: €100

Typical unit cost of a soft bound soft cover book would be between €3.00 and €4.50, dependant on page count. A hardback would be in the region of €7 - €9. 

Global listing: €65