The Studio at Galería Marque



You may be a complete novice itching to get started, or a more experienced artist who wants to break new ground – or to just get better at what you are doing now.


Whatever your starting point, The Studio’s purpose is to create a tutored but lively, creative environment where we can share our own enthusiasm and experience, to fire us all to greater levels of skill and pleasure in our art.


It is run by me, Rod Davis, with 40 years of experience in the creative world. I own the gallery and studio, and in which I also live with my wife lovely Maluh who runs the gallery. Pushing forward individual boundaries in painting and drawing is the focus of the group, rather than more general art and craft. I don’t intend to demean those amazing skills, but my ambition is to tease out from my artists that extra ounce (or milligram) of creativity and get it down on canvas when your whole mind is screaming; “I can’t, I can’t!”. In the words of someone else; “Yes you can!”


And as a little incentive to even greater levels of brilliance, the gallery will be available to hold exhibitions of the group’s work during the year. To any work you sell through the gallery, 15% of it’s sale price will be added to extend Galería Marque’s donations to local charities (it’s a charitable gallery).


Tuition and guidance

There are no rules in art! A Jackson Pollock seems a crazy but inspired splash of random colour and form. A Rothko is typified by shades of colour in simple rectangles – or just one colour covering the whole canvas. Sorolla painted life with tender tints and tones and created mystery. All great art!


But “no rules” doesn’t mean no knowledge: how colours work so wonderfully with or against each other; the beauty of line and tone and how it can bring a simple work to life; the power of perspective and the creation of depth in a landscape; the way the human form divides itself into simple related shapes that make it easier to translate with a 4B pencil; how the accidents caused by a loaded paintbrush on a canvas can bring a magic to the work; why rhythm is as important in a painting as it is in music. These are all titbits of knowledge that, once understood, you can use to master your skills.


Tuition for novices is on an individual basis to get a sound understand of these fundamentals, working always to expand your limits. How you eventually develop and use them will be up to you, but I will accompany you on your journey every step of the way.


Guidance and conversation better describes how I work with more experienced artists. With you, it is I who must remember there are no rules! What you are doing is already brilliant. Before we start working together, it’s a good idea to have a chat so I can understand your skills and direction. After that, the purpose is to build on that and to find ways to expand, enhance and stimulate.


Happy painting!

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